DLL Repair Tool

Do you think your DLL is missing from your computer?

When you are facing DLL errors, you need a DLL fixer.

The tool introduced on this website is Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP compatible DLL error repair tool which fixes .dll missing errors, repairs .sys blue screen of death, resolves .exe high CPU usage, downloads DLL files for free and boosts PC's speed and performance.

It supports 18 languages, including Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Thai, Chinese Traditional.

What is DLL?

DLL files exist in system in many forms which is distinguished by function and expressed with different file extensions. Generally, DLL files include files with .dll extension, files with .exe extension, files with .sys extension and .drv extension. Actually the significance to mark DLL files with different extension is that they have not very same functions. And each kind of DLL files having a problem would raise corresponding symptoms.

  • DLL files with .dll extension: Actually, this kind of file occupies a big proportion of DLL files so that the frequency of encountering DLL errors caused by this kind of files is really high. The type of DLL missing errors is one typical error, but you may see different signals of this error such as DLL was not found, can't load DLL and can't find entry point of DLL. Other symptoms of files with .dll extension can be runtime error, startup error, system32 error and so on.
  • DLL files with .exe extension: as we all know, .exe files is in charge of execution of orders from system. This kind of file going wrong apparently would drag your system running speed slow and make CPU and Memory usage very high (100%). Another symptom is 2 or more same .exe applications in Task Manager. And since it's related with system execution, if the DLL file with .exe is really important, then it's very likely that system crashing or program freezing would come and visit.
  • DLL files with .sys and .drv extension: these two file types are also really vital and even vital enough to influence the system core. The majority of blue screen of death (BSOD) have the error code about sys and drv files. Except for blue screen problem, SYS and DRV files may also cause device can't work and PC no sound. That's why it's really urgent to fix sys file so as to fix sys BSOD problem.

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  • Nelze nainstalovat Hotrepair 981194 (pro USA) v systému Windows 7 x64
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